Augmented Reality (AR) und Virtual Reality (VR)

the virtual world

For some time now, these two terms have often dominated discussions when it comes to contemporary presentations.

Augmented Reality is the extension of perception of reality through computer-generated information. These can address all human senses. Currently, however, it is primarily the visual depiction – i. e. the enhancement of images or films with computer-generated content or virtual objects by inserting them. Google has in this regard been working on the Google Glass project for some time now.

This technology is applicable for many topics and is used, among other things, for games, navigation, security management and architecture. The possibilities in the communication sector require appropriate technical prerequisites which are not yet available in the broad target group. For trade fair booths and events in the field of Face2Face communication, however, interesting applications can be developed, based on your requirements.


(Vielleicht Beispiel Kempf)


In contrast to AR, VR creates a completely virtual reality. A real-time perception of an interactive virtual environment. Currently, this is realized by special glasses, which users can use to dive completely into virtual worlds. And here too, there are already many practical applications, especially in the area of video games.

There is currently a high demand for presentations at trade fairs and events. However, it must be kept in mind that only the person who uses the VR glasses can obtain full information – but is certainly addressed intensively by the content.

It is therefore a question of the target group size that should be convinced with the VR contents. And there is another important factor to consider – for every VR glasses on a trade fair booth or at an event, there must be an employee who offers this presentation, hands out the glasses and is available for a conversation afterwards.

We will be happy to support you in your considerations regarding the use of these technologies – target-oriented and according to budget and application possibilities.

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