Aerial Photographs with Helicopters and Drones

the moving camera

Spectacular aerial photographs can often be admired today. And in the age of video drones, it looks like you can shoot these by yourself at any time. In addition to the challenge of photography and filming, which should meet professional requirements, there is the challenge of camera and aircraft movement and to always find, hold and control the right camera position. Not an easy task. Not to mention the legal aspects of drone flying in particular.

We work with experienced helicopter pilots as well as specially trained camera operators and directors when it comes to aerial photography from great heights. For drones we also have licensed pilots and experienced operators who work as a team to produce the perfect shot.

In addition to currently modern drones, there have always been many other ways to move the camera while recording. Be it with camera cranes, dollies on rails or with rubber tires and on sliders. Some of these techniques can also be used in combination – depending on the intended effect. Putting the focus on the object and the correct sharpness level as well as the right movement is the task of our experienced specialists.

That way you always get shots to impress your target group.

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