The topic of the pandemic has been shaping our everyday lives around the world.

AKTIV deals with this constructively and develops ideas and solutions for the pandemic and for the opportunities afterwards. Because personal contact is now more important than ever.

That’s why we stay AKTIV4U.

How can we help in the pandemic?

With our hygiene protection concepts and distance solutions developed in our workshop to increase safety for employees and customers we help locally in the pandemic.

And of course, we are developing strategies how trade shows and events look like during this pandemic and afterwards.

To bridge the gap till the restart of your Face2Face Marketing we offer:

  • Film presentations for product presentation
  • Social media marketing for communication
  • Virtual exhibition booths with animations
  • Direct customer contact through live streams and webcasts
  • Design of attractive print media because direct mail is popular again and the target group has time to read again.

We find alternative communication solutions in the crisis.

The current results show that in the mix of communication and marketing, Face2Face contact the direct and human exchange between provider and customer in real live events, cannot be replaced by exclusively digital measures.

All virtual trade shows so far show that the response from exhibitors and attendees is unfortunately much lower. So many ideas and discoveries as well as the direct exchange of experiences from visitors are left behind. The comparison of innovations and technologies as well as products and services remain important.

In China, the trade fairs have already started again with great success and in the USA, preparations for trade shows are in full swing for the start in June 2021. We are there and build your booth in the USA or worldwide – and of course with hygiene concepts according to the current guidelines of the respective countries and the event. (RKI, State Department, CDC)

In order to provide information about some of the trade shows at which we are ACTIVE (the English translation of “AKTIV”), among other things, we are currently expanding our Exhibitor Notes on our YouTube channel. Have fun and get a taste of the “flair of a trade show”.

And we learned during this crisis that we can and will do much more than just classic stand design, booth construction, advertising as well as film production.

We plan the security for meetings of our customers with their interested parties for a safe coexistence in the now and in the future at any exhibition booth and any event.

We are AKTIV4U as always – and of course available for you.

Talk to us, we have the solutions for your live communication Face2Face.


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