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Photography and film production have a long tradition – including their use in advertising. And with digitalisation and the Internet, utilization and prevalence have been revolutionised. Where in the past brochures and operating instructions provided information to customers, today it’s TV commercials and YouTube videos.

Today, advertising in the form of various film contributions and videos is a core component of a companies’ marketing and communication mix. These are distributed via internet or can be seen in many interactive applications, especially at trade fairs.

Like no other medium, films and videos convey emotions and messages and are therefore often superior to printed texts and images, making them core components of online marketing.

Constantly increasing bandwidth and rapid spread of the internet, including in the mobile sector, nowadays allow for a sensational and far-reaching placement of information and advertising messages through moving-image marketing.

With AKTIV’s many years of experience in the creation of film, video and photography, our flexible and efficient production network and the conceptual experience of our creative and editorial staff, we can offer you the right format for any media channel.

Photo, film and video – today’s pictures are in motion

Twenty years ago, digital moving image in widespread use was a vision, 10 years ago it was a trend, and now it almost dominates communication , even beyond linear television: on online channels, in social networks and on classic websites. It is used on smart-TVs, computers, tablets and smartphones and is always available.

Everything that used to be known only from television is nowadays available for almost every application. We can produce any genre for you. Here some suggestions:

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