Editing and Post-Production

Von der Schere zum Live Schnitt (from scissors through to live cut)????????????

Post-production takes place digitally and non-linearly at high-end workstations at our modern editing suite – no matter for which application – currently up to 4K ultra high definition.

The compatibility of our equipment with various video formats allows us to react flexibly to any demand – on the basis of our many years of experience, we can also import and digitalize old VCR cassettes from Betacam, DVCPRO, Hi8, miniDV and U-Matic to Video8 and VHS, if required. The latest digital data files can be transferred and processed directly from all common formats.

But it is only through the interaction of speech, sound, music and images that the best shots awaken the right emotions within the viewer. In post-production, the right mix of original sound recordings, ambient noises, effects and music results in a thrilling sound design for every production.

An extensive archive of different music styles (including royalty-free), sounds and effects is available to us. Professional voice and dubbing recordings for almost any voice application complete our production portfolio.

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