Casting and Location

looking for the right location

In addition to the script, each production requires precise knowledge of the locations and actors. This applies both to productions for documentary purposes with predefined locations and to the search for the right location for staged recordings that should not or cannot be shot in a studio setting.

There is no doubt that the protagonists in the recordings have to play their role convincingly. Often, real specialists are not available for various reasons. Be it due to the willingness or the ability to act in front of a camera – or simply due to neutrality. Employees of a company could join the competitor and many more reasons. However – in any case the image rights of the protagonists have to be clarified. For actors and models, these are of course to be clarified about their fees. We have local and international partners available to us for casting in order to make the right choice according to budget and requirements.

The same goes for film locations, even in unusual places. With experienced location scouts we search and book the appropriate environment for the recordings. Of course, we also take care of necessary filming permissions and technical equipment as well as the complete recording team for the set-on-location.

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