information as an interactive experience

The amount of information that we are exposed to on a daily basis is constantly increasing. Multimedia is a popular topic and often looked for (on the internet). However, there is no unambiguous definition of what it includes or will include.

The presentation of content through different channels is nothing new – since the introduction of the sound film, for example, the eye and ear have been provided with information at the same time.

With the digital delivery of content, everyone began talking about multimedia. The Internet plays an important role in interaction, such as active navigation, manipulation of content and the control of playback parameters. With the rapid development of computer performance and the flood of tablets and smartphones, multimedia is experiencing a rapid development.

In multimedia communication, we combine the planning, organization, implementation and control of all measures that serve to electronically distribute information created by combining text, graphics, sound, image, film and moving image elements. The focus is on direct interaction with the consumer in order to achieve the communication goals.

With the areas of classic advertising and graphic design, film production and the experience in Face2Face communication, AKTIV offers its  customers multimedia contents as the optimal, contemporary addition to any communication mix.

In the multimedia sector, you have the opportunity to set new statements: From a discreet, subconscious presence to an active involvement of your customers, suppliers or employees, multimedia productions can precisely achieve your goals.

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